How to Build a Strong Online Community

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Adidas’ Recycled from the Ocean Shoe

This is cool… Reminds me of Bureo (see here).

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The (Almost) Eulogy of Oh Hey World


Over the past few years, I’ve worked on two travel apps – Oh Hey World (OHW) and, more recently, Horizon. Anyone that has slaved away on a startup knows how hard they are. The hundreds of hours. The stressful nights. The weekends spent in front of your computer while friends are out having fun. It really is like nurturing a baby (from what I’ve heard). We’re still very much working on Horizon (we’ve been working on Android), but related to Oh Hey World… When is enough, enough? For the answer, head to Oh Hey World and read my deeper dive…

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Delivering Great Travel Planning Advice – A Story of Misaligned Incentives

There’s no shortage of startups who have tried to unseat TripAdvisor as the de-facto place to figure out what to do while planning a trip. They are all stories of misaligned incentives. Read more of my thoughts on the subject over on Medium.  

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Evrnu, Recycled Cotton, the the Future of Apparel


I’m a huge fan of big crazy ambitious goals to benefit society, and I see enormous value in what Evrnu is working on. They are recycling cotton garment waste to create renewable fiber. And, yes, Seattle is an amazing place where world changing ideas are being started.

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Seattle Angel Conference IX Recap


Friday marked the 9th Seattle Angel Conference. I spent the day at Impact HUB, watching the pitches and mingling in the crowd. This is the second SAC I’ve volunteered at, and I noticed an increase in attendance from November’s event. The day started off with several alumni updates previous events, a few open remarks by John Sechrest, and then Bob Crimmins laid out the agenda for the rest of the day. Wade Brooks, executive director of Angel Resource Institute, spoke about tracking angel returns. He had a data set of 136 complete investments, and shared some findings from the HALO reports (released quarterly). Average deal size was $915,000, while the median was $505,000. 70% of outcomes in the Halo dataset are failures. … Continue reading

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Horizon’s Android is Ready for Open Testing, with Sublet Support


We released our Android beta of Horizon on Product Hunt. The big change in the product is that we now support posting and finding sublet opportunities. Most people find a shared room to live in for several months the exact same way they find a place crash for 2 or 3 nights — but sublets come with a much stronger host incentive to fill their room (since they are paying for that room regardless of if someone is living in it). If you are on Android, please give it a go and let me know what you think. PS: Do you or someone you know have a room you’re looking to sublet? I’d especially love feedback from … Continue reading

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