Medellin (Colombia), Here I Come

I just booked a ticket to Medellin, Colombia last night, leaving Seattle a week from tomorrow (Feb 28th) and heading back to the United States on the 29th of March. Will Moyer, whom I’ve been working with on Oh Hey World & a few consulting projects for more than a year, scored a place in the Fuente Laureles Penthouse for us and two other expats… My first venture outside the good ol US of A since August of 2012. Yes, you could say I’m stoked.

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One Space, or Two?


Two spaces between sentences, or just one? That is the question. I know, it’s a bit of an odd question, but, by no means am I the only person who has thought about it (see wikipedia entry on sentence spacing). I write with one, and it seems off to me reading anything with two (such as Rich’s most recent blog post). But, that said, two spaces is not some totally weird thing that came out of nowhere. Far from it. Growing up, all my school papers contained two spaces between sentences. I remember the process distinctively: hitting the period key, and then tapping space bar twice. My mom was a teacher, so I likely had a bit more English training than many and … Continue reading

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Ad Targeting is Alive and Well in 2014


I literally just booked a flight on Expedia for NYC about an hour ago. I proceeded to publish a blog post on Geek Estate, and then look at the home page. To the right is one of the ads I saw at the top of the page. Yes, ad targeting is alive and well in 2014. Google certainly knew I had just bought a flight on Expedia and thought to suggest some hotels. Smart on them. Fortunately for me, I’m staying with a friend in the Upper Eastside, so don’t need an expensive hotel.

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Marijuana vs Alcohol? I’m Not Sure Why It’s Even a Discussion


There was a segment on 60 minutes last night about Colorado’s marijuana industry. The fact that marijuana is illegal in most states, while alcohol is not…is, frankly, fucking absurd.  The reason marijuana has remained illegal for all these years is due to the millions and millions that alcohol companies spend lobbying to keep it that way (source: a judge I encountered at a concert several years ago). I’ve consumed my share of both substances over the years and know many many people who have consumed too much of both at one point or another. The number of people who have ruined their life with alcohol is exponentially greater than those who have ruined their life … Continue reading

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Shannon O’Donnell on Daytime

So happy to see Shannon on Daytime TV today!! Here’s the clip: WFLA News Channel 8

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The People Every Year Up Student Should Follow on Twitter

I had lunch today with my Year Up mentee, and one of the things we discussed a bit was social media. Specifically Twitter, and how I use it. Unlike many people who use it almost exclusively for getting news and for sharing their own news with others, I use Twitter to keep in touch with people. Obviously the best way to learn any tool is to watch those who are using it successfully already. Here are a few people I recommend every Year Up student follow (figured might as well make this a blog post rather than just send the list via email): Spencer Rascoff – Zillow’s CEO (& co-founder of Hotwire). I learned a … Continue reading

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No, Snapchat is NOT Screwed

I don’t think Snapchat is screwed. When I look at Snapchat, I believe I see what investors see. Huge potential to be a more visual iteration of Twitter. One that will consume people’s attention with more visual (& intimate) messages from the people and brands they trust. Read the rest over at Medium!

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