One World Play Project – The Most Durable Futbol Ever

The One World Play Project looks awesome. A futbol that last for years in the roughest terrains.

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Designers are Destroying the World


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I watched Unbroken last night. The movie one of the more powerful stories I’ve seen in a long, long time — I can’t even imagine going through the hardships Louis “Louie” Zamperini faced one after another. It stories like this that leads me believe complaining about the privileged lives we in the 1st world live is a such a despicable use of time.

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This has a bit of an interstellar sound/intensity to it…

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Power of Community Podcast with David Spinks from CMX Hub

Those who know me know I’m heavy in community building. I was listening to a podcast this morning with the founder of CMX Hub, David Spinks, as a result of seeing this tweet: Podcast interview: The Power of Community – @CMX @DavidSpinks @NearMeCo #sharingeconomy — Near Me (@NearMeCo) June 16, 2015 I was pleasantly surprised when David mentioned my community/travel startup, Horizon, as an example of a cool new community platform toward the end of the show (min 21 or 22).

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7 Words to Describe Yourself

I read GothamGal’s post this morning about the 7 words you would use to describe yourself. For me? How about… Loyal, driven, passionate, honest, travel-obsessed, community-minded, curious. What about for you?

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Denali, and Saying Goodbye

This is worth watching today. Live life to the fullest everyday.

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