The Off Switch

I watched the video for The Off Switch when looking at the finalists for Global Startup Battle 2014: Our mission with Horizon is to get people off their computer/phone and go experience the world with their own two eyes. It should go without saying that anyone who shares the fundamental belief that nothing magical ever happens staring at your screen and is doing something about it (such as my friend Sloane working on DinnerMode), is someone I’m a fan/supporter of.

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Why I’m Long Lyft


Call me crazy, but I believe Lyft has an incredible shot at having more impact on society over the long term than Uber (not make more money or have a higher valuation). Why? Read my guest post over at GeekWire: Why I’m Long Lyft.  

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Surviving the Startup Life – Jerry Colonna

It’s an hour, but highly recommend watching if you are involved with a start-up..

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A Glimpse into Start-Up Chile


If you want to get a glimpse into Start-Up Chile, here’s a short video for you… Indeed, Start-Up Chile has been an amazing experience with a truly, truly international community of entrepreneurs.

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Organizing a Start-Up Weekend: This is What Makes it all Worth It


I was one of the organizers for Startup Weekend Valparaiso this past weekend. The weeks of planning, and 3 days of the actual event were busy. But it’s seeing testimonials like this that makes it all worth it…

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Travel Planning: What You can Learn from Others

I’ve been light on blogging recently. That said, I have been working on a piece on travel planning (one of the many consumer travel angles I’ve worked on), and finally published it on You can read the whole thing here.

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Steve Jobs 1995 Interview

I just re-watched this 1995 interview with Steve Jobs… Worth watching, for the big picture visionaries out there.

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