Here’s A Shocker of a Social Product Idea

Allow me to connect all my social media accounts. Send me contacts via any of my social media channels, via a Tinder-like interface. Keep sending me people until I un-follow, de-friend, or disconnect one person. Repeat daily. The goal of the app? Trim, rather than fatten, my social media lists to make them more, not less, relevant. Seems counter intuitive right? Social apps should be about being more social, not less social. Truth be told, I really don’t want more connections; I want deeper & more meaningful connections and news. Most of my social media stream is noise, because I’ve accumulated too many contacts over the years. Most people I talk to say the same thing. Yet LinkedIn, Facebook, and … Continue reading

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Why Upside Partnership is Brilliant…for the Right Founders

I saw the news that Kent Goldman of First Round Capital was branching off to start his own firm called Upside Partnership, and instantly flagged him in my mind as a venture capitalist I want to work with. Why? Go read the post on Horizon.

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The MyBlogLog Impact on Horizon / Oh Hey World

Those who knew me back in 2006, remember I was a massive supporter of MyBlogLog. In fact, I was actually an official advisor back in the day. It’s certainly had an impact on Horizon (and Oh Hey World.

Twitter Aiming to Encroach on FB

Come on, Twitter. Sharing photos and updates with friends is EXACTLY what Facebook is for. I really, really doubt you will beat them at that game in the next 5 years. I really hope this isn’t the best you can do in the way of marketing and positioning.

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Seed Is The New A: What The Seed Stage Explosion Means For Every Investor

Some good stuff to think about here related to raised a seed round… via Semil Shah

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A Little Surfing

Yea…this looks awesome via Matt Beall

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What’s Your Dream Company?

I was just going through the sign up process of Poachable to see how they approach the user experience, given there are some high level similarities between hidden inventory of employees that are only poachable by the right trusted companies/roles and the hidden inventory of places to stay, only available within highly trusted networks (what we are focused on at Horizon). Here’s the first screen: What’s my dream company? That’s a tricky one. I of course know my email, and that my dream role would either be VP of Business Development or Product (or CEO) — but when it comes to my dream company, I really have no idea. Granted, the reason behind that is I’m working on my own startup, Horizon, and … Continue reading

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