Power of Community Podcast with David Spinks from CMX Hub

Those who know me know I’m heavy in community building. I was listening to a podcast this morning with the founder of CMX Hub, David Spinks, as a result of seeing this tweet: Podcast interview: The Power of Community – @CMX @DavidSpinks @NearMeCo #sharingeconomy http://t.co/xVhhkRh8ts pic.twitter.com/P8V0SM7qvk — Near Me (@NearMeCo) June 16, 2015 I was pleasantly surprised when David mentioned my community/travel startup, Horizon, as an example of a cool new community platform toward the end of the show (min 21 or 22).

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7 Words to Describe Yourself

I read GothamGal’s post this morning about the 7 words you would use to describe yourself. For me? How about… Loyal, driven, passionate, honest, travel-obsessed, community-minded, curious. What about for you?

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Denali, and Saying Goodbye

This is worth watching today. Live life to the fullest everyday.

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Montage of Heck…Kurt Cobain

I saw the latest Kurt Cobain documentary this weekend in Seattle. I obviously know who Nirvana is, listened to their music a bit, and knew he killed himself. Aside from that, I really knew nothing at all about him. It’s well worth watching.

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Building for the Long Term

My friend (& Horizon advisor) Shannon sent this article to me the other day. I love it. Particularly: What if, instead of focusing on exits, we focused on sticking around? What if the focus wasn’t on selling up and moving on, but instead was on handing down and passing on? Many entrepreneurs build companies because they see a financial opportunity. They fully expect to exit by selling the company. That’s fine of course. But that’s not me. The goal with Horizon is to build a long term company that is passed down to the next generation. Which, of course, is why that blog post resonates with me…and why Shannon sent it.

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Can Technology Make Someone More Empathetic?


From Wikipedia: Empathy is the capacity to understand what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference, ie, the capacity to place oneself in another’s shoes From my perspective, increasing empathy is one of the most important aspects of improving the world. Without empathy, people are not likely to spend much time or money helping others. Without empathy, people will go on living their lives with no regard to others, shaming people left and right without regard to the damage that does. More cyberbullying. Humiliation. Shaming. See Monica Lewinsky’s TED talk on this topic: How do we increase empathy? Nicholas Kristof wrote about this topic earlier this year, saying: Let’s encourage student service … Continue reading

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Pando Interview with Stewart Butterfield

I’m simply bookmarking this for myself in a place I know I’ll watch it later… [via Pando]

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