Instagram Throws their Hat in the Ring by Adding Stories

Snapchat Discover. Twitter Moments. Now, Instagram is going in the exact same direction. The more and more Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, etc race toward the exact same end goal, the less and less interesting all of them become. Is there anything innovative these companies are working on? Or, are they just all racing to be the end all, be all communication tool (encompassing all private & all public) in order generate a bunch of user data to sell ads against and sell outright? I suspect the latter.

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Facebook Groups: The Next Craigslist for Startups

If you’re a tech entrepreneur, you have probably seen the following graphic by Andrew Parker: Entire multi-billion dollar companies have been started by building a far superior experience around one tiny link on Craigslist. There is a new Craigslist. It’s Facebook groups. Over 700 million people use groups monthly(reported as of late last year). That’s massive, massive potential distribution for startups (and proof of supply & demand). I’ve spent A LOT of time with groups over the past year, since Horizon’s goal is to put hospitality exchange inside existing groups. Buy Nothing is one movement with massive scale entirely built inside Facebook groups. I recently moved to Queen Anne in Seattle, and numerous friends told … Continue reading

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When Money Becomes Not Real


I watched the following TEDx talk by Adam Carroll this morning. The topic? Money when it’s not “real”. Cash is tangible. You can hold it. If you spend it, you don’t have it anymore. Credit cards, less so. You swipe, and digitally you have more debt you need to pay off at some point in the future. But, 10 minutes later, you can go to a different store and go farther into debt. The next iteration is digital payments. Apple Pay. Tap, and be done. I’ve long worried about what will happen to consumer debt once you can put a $100, or $1000, transaction onto your credit card in less than 1 second by swiping your … Continue reading

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4 years later, I still think a curated newsletter is a viable way to make money (for an individual willing to put in the work). seems like a promising platform that takes a lot of the busy work out of curating content via email. [Found via Semil Shah]

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One World Play Project – The Most Durable Futbol Ever

The One World Play Project looks awesome. A futbol that last for years in the roughest terrains.

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Designers are Destroying the World


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I watched Unbroken last night. The movie one of the more powerful stories I’ve seen in a long, long time — I can’t even imagine going through the hardships Louis “Louie” Zamperini faced one after another. It stories like this that leads me believe complaining about the privileged lives we in the 1st world live is a such a despicable use of time.

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