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facebooklogo.png is shutting down. I haven’t heard anyone mention Ello since…it launched in 2014. They are now branding themselves as “The Creators Network”. I wonder how that is going? Treem is another recent entrant. I recently listened to a RE/CODE podcast with the founder of Orkut (his name is also Orkut). He’s working on a new social network called the Hello Network. I still believe the downfall of Facebook is entirely possible, perhaps even probable. But who, and how? The chicken and egg problem is very, very real. Tackling “social” is fucking hard… there’s no doubt about that, as proved by the graveyard of attempts that grows by the month.

Instagram Throws their Hat in the Ring by Adding Stories

Snapchat Discover. Twitter Moments. Now, Instagram is going in the exact same direction. The more and more Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, etc race toward the exact same end goal, the less and less interesting all of them become. Is there anything innovative these companies are working on? Or, are they just all racing to be the end all, be all communication tool (encompassing all private & all public) in order generate a bunch of user data to sell ads against and sell outright? I suspect the latter.

Media and Wasting Time

Seth Godin On Being

I agree with Seth on this… Just in time, mass media is going away too. Mass marketers don’t like this and they often don’t even see it. They’re struggling to turn Snapchat and Twitter and other sites into substitutes for TV, but it’s not working, because it’s an astonishing waste of attention. Yup, that’s the time suck economy at work.

The Mobile, Social Email Newsletter Reader…that Never Was


Many startups wireframe, design and sometimes even build working prototypes of many concepts that don’t ever end up seeing the light of day. We were no different. After we built Oh Hey World and couldn’t get it to scale, one concept we wireframed and did customer validation against was a mobile, social email newsletter reader. MyBlogLog + Google Reader + email + location. I detailed the entire concept, thought process, and learnings over on the Horizon blog for the curious folk. I’m still crazy, crazy bullish on the idea. If someone ends up building it, please let me be an early beta tester.

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Here’s A Shocker of a Social Product Idea

Allow me to connect all my social media accounts. Send me contacts via any of my social media channels, via a Tinder-like interface. Keep sending me people until I un-follow, de-friend, or disconnect one person. Repeat daily. The goal of the app? Trim, rather than fatten, my social media lists to make them more, not less, relevant. Seems counter intuitive right? Social apps should be about being more social, not less social. Truth be told, I really don’t want more connections; I want deeper & more meaningful connections and news. Most of my social media stream is noise, because I’ve accumulated too many contacts over the years. Most people I talk to say the same thing. Yet LinkedIn, Facebook, and … Continue reading

The MyBlogLog Impact on Horizon / Oh Hey World

Those who knew me back in 2006, remember I was a massive supporter of MyBlogLog. In fact, I was actually an official advisor back in the day. It’s certainly had an impact on Horizon (and Oh Hey World.

Twitter Aiming to Encroach on FB

Come on, Twitter. Sharing photos and updates with friends is EXACTLY what Facebook is for. I really, really doubt you will beat them at that game in the next 5 years. I really hope this isn’t the best you can do in the way of marketing and positioning.