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Here’s A Shocker of a Social Product Idea

Allow me to connect all my social media accounts. Send me contacts via any of my social media channels, via a Tinder-like interface. Keep sending me people until I un-follow, de-friend, or disconnect one person. Repeat daily. The goal of the app? Trim, rather than fatten, my social media lists to make them more, not less, relevant. Seems counter intuitive right? Social apps should be about being more social, not less social. Truth be told, I really don’t want more connections; I want deeper & more meaningful connections and news. Most of my social media stream is noise, because I’ve accumulated too many contacts over the years. Most people I talk to say the same thing. Yet LinkedIn, Facebook, and … Continue reading

The MyBlogLog Impact on Horizon / Oh Hey World

Those who knew me back in 2006, remember I was a massive supporter of MyBlogLog. In fact, I was actually an official advisor back in the day. It’s certainly had an impact on Horizon (and Oh Hey World.

Twitter Aiming to Encroach on FB

Come on, Twitter. Sharing photos and updates with friends is EXACTLY what Facebook is for. I really, really doubt you will beat them at that game in the next 5 years. I really hope this isn’t the best you can do in the way of marketing and positioning.

The People Every Year Up Student Should Follow on Twitter

I had lunch today with my Year Up mentee, and one of the things we discussed a bit was social media. Specifically Twitter, and how I use it. Unlike many people who use it almost exclusively for getting news and for sharing their own news with others, I use Twitter to keep in touch with people. Obviously the best way to learn any tool is to watch those who are using it successfully already. Here are a few people I recommend every Year Up student follow (figured might as well make this a blog post rather than just send the list via email): Spencer Rascoff – Zillow’s CEO (& co-founder of Hotwire). I learned a … Continue reading

No, Snapchat is NOT Screwed

I don’t think Snapchat is screwed. When I look at Snapchat, I believe I see what investors see. Huge potential to be a more visual iteration of Twitter. One that will consume people’s attention with more visual (& intimate) messages from the people and brands they trust. Read the rest over at Medium!

Twitter, 20,000 Tweets In

Twitter 20,000

well this is officially my 20,000th tweet… — Drew Meyers (@drewmeyers) October 28, 2013 By the numbers after 20,000 tweets… It’s been a good run. We’ll see where I’m at after another 20,000

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Talking and Sharing, for the Sake of Talking and Sharing

Discussion about important topics is good. No change happens without discussion. But the same discussion about the same topics — over and over and over — gets old, really quickly. And in a sense, I feel the internet is now just a huge echo chamber of crap as a result of the ability for anyone to share anything at anytime – with the tap of their finger. There are great nuggets of information and thinkers out there on the web, there really are, yet there is a whole load of crap to wade through to find them. We all waste an enormous amount of time in the process. Maybe we should all just share every … Continue reading