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Travel Planning: What You can Learn from Others

I’ve been light on blogging recently. That said, I have been working on a piece on travel planning (one of the many consumer travel angles I’ve worked on), and finally published it on You can read the whole thing here.

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The Mobile, Social Email Newsletter Reader…that Never Was


Many startups wireframe, design and sometimes even build working prototypes of many concepts that don’t ever end up seeing the light of day. We were no different. After we built Oh Hey World and couldn’t get it to scale, one concept we wireframed and did customer validation against was a mobile, social email newsletter reader. MyBlogLog + Google Reader + email + location. I detailed the entire concept, thought process, and learnings over on the Horizon blog for the curious folk. I’m still crazy, crazy bullish on the idea. If someone ends up building it, please let me be an early beta tester.

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Will Travel Blogging as We Know it Fade Into the Sunset?

Is travel blogging here to stay? I’ve had a travel blog since 2010. I love writing, and am a massive content creator (I have 5 blogs). I’ve done social media marketing and community building for a living in the past at Zillow. I’m a huge travel addict. I’m building a travel startup (Horizon). All the signs say I should be a diehard travel blogger, right? Well, I’m not anymore.. You can read the rest of the article over on Tnooz.

A Little Surfing

Yea…this looks awesome via Matt Beall

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Spreading Stereotypes of the 3rd World

There was an article in the Atlantic recently – How Millennials are Changing Travel – that I saw shared by multiple people over the course of a week. There are over 200 comments on it, but here’s one that particularly caught my attention: We know how people in 3rd world countries live without having to go to them. Fact is they are extremely dangerous and their really is no reason for people to travel to them. Their is a reason they are so cheap to visit Honestly, I just about threw up in my mouth when I read it. This is clearly someone who knows absolutely nothing about the 3rd world, aside from what they hear in … Continue reading

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I think I have literally thought through every single consumer travel angle you can think of over the past 2 years working on Oh Hey World (and now Horizon). Travatar is one of the ones we explored but never ended up pursuing… Your Travatar is your location that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. The complete write up on the idea can be found on Can someone please please build this?

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The Coming Start-up Chile Journey

[Originally published in the Impact HUB Seattle member newsletter] As many Impact Hub members know, the entrepreneurial road is a long and often rocky one with no shortage of ups and downs. My journey of connecting like minded people in person began in early 2012 while living in Chiang Mai (Thailand). The company is still bootstrapped after 7 months of product development late 2012 into 2013 (we built Oh Hey World), followed by a year of consulting work while validating new product approaches to alleviating the same problem. That said, we finally caught a break about a month ago when we learned we were accepted into Start-up Chile with the new private couchsurfing concept, named Horizon, we’ve … Continue reading

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