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Picking Yourself Up After You’ve Been Kicked

Let’s face it. No one operates at 100%, all the time. Everyone, even those that constantly push against greatness, have spurts where they struggle. I’m no different. Today was one of those days. Well, not the whole day, but definitely one 1 hour meeting. I just wasn’t on point. Poor responses. No good data points came to mind. Every possible business model weakness was brought up. Called out for not validating X. I felt like I had been kicked in the gut. What can you do when you have one of those days (or hours)? Pick yourself off the floor and do better next time.

Lindsey Engh at TEDxEastsidePrep

Building community is something I think about every single day, and Impact HUB in Seattle is one organization that does a great job of it. Here is more from Lindsey Engh, one of it’s co-founders…

I Want to Vomit

**VOMIT** When you have to specifically say “this is a legitimate company”….chances are good the real answer is it’s not.

TV/Radio Notifications for My Favorite Sports Teams

I was just watching the Georgia – Vanderbilt foot ball game on CBS. I randomly decided to browse to see what other football games were on, and on NBC, I found the Seattle Sounders FC game against Dallas in the … Continue reading
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From Seth Godin… All good ideas are terrible Until people realize they are obvious. If you’re not willing to live through the terrible stage, you’ll never get to the obvious part.

A Platform to Share Private Feedback on Business Arrangements

We all know reputation is matters. And much of your reputation is locked up inside the heads of individuals you’ve worked with in the past. What’s needed? A private way to leave feedback on past business arrangements that gives you … Continue reading
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My Problem with Online Ads


Online ads are not my favorite things in the world. Frankly, it’s not the actual ads themselves that irk me. It’s the bigger dynamic across the web that the ad ecosystem has enabled. Too many people racing to capture people’s time and attention – the most precious asset every single person on earth has – for the wrong reason; just because they can make a buck doing so.┬áJust because you can capture someone’s time, doesn’t mean you should. The time suck economy. The result of the time suck economy is a lot of web properties and apps have been built (& more are released everyday) that people don’t find valuable enough to pay for, but … Continue reading