Great — you’ve made it here, which means you think there may be something I can help you with!

First and foremost, I’m looking for smart, passionate, and motivated individuals who love travel to make community accessible for everyone, anywhere in the world & interested in bringing Horizon to the masses.

If you are in the real estate technology field and looking to reach a wider audience of engaged real estate agents and brokers, I am the Founder of Geek Estate Blog. More about Geek Estate Blog’s advertising options can be found here.

The other way you can work with me is through Geek Estate Labs, which offers consulting services in these areas of expertise:

  • Product management & development
  • Product validation & design
  • Design – semi-static design mock-ups, interaction and animation Design
  • Connections to trusted web and mobile developers
  • Strategic marketing and business development strategy

For those who want to learn more about I can help your business, contact me.