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Steve Jobs 1995 Interview

I just re-watched this 1995 interview with Steve Jobs… Worth watching, for the big picture visionaries out there.

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Jerry Seinfeld’s Speech at 55th Clio Awards

I concur.

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Fab 5 Memories

I just spent the last 98 minutes watching the ESPN 30 for 30 feature on the Fab 5. I was just 9 years old when they came on the scene in 1991, just old enough to understand how good they were. Those 5 players are definitely the reason I adopted Michigan as my favorite collegiate team. I even jumped on the bandwagon with apparel, sporting a fitted Michigan hat until it got too dirty to wear, a pair of shorts, and a sweatshirt for years. I believe my hatred of Duke largely stems from them beating Michigan, and that hatred still lingers inside my every time Duke is mentioned. I’m not a huge Weber fan, but that has nothing to do with … Continue reading

Kevin Durant’s MVP Speech

This is good. Watch it.

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This TED video with Bill and Melinda Gates is worth watching… And yes, you do have a responsibility to make this world better.

Why Leaders Eat Last

From Simon Sinek…

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This is Worth the 4 1/2 Minutes

Post by 95.7 KJR.

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