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Designers are Destroying the World


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I watched Unbroken last night. The movie one of the more powerful stories I’ve seen in a long, long time — I can’t even imagine going through the hardships Louis “Louie” Zamperini faced one after another. It stories like this that leads me believe complaining about the privileged lives we in the 1st world live is a such a despicable use of time.

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This has a bit of an interstellar sound/intensity to it…

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Denali, and Saying Goodbye

This is worth watching today. Live life to the fullest everyday.

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Montage of Heck…Kurt Cobain

I saw the latest Kurt Cobain documentary this weekend in Seattle. I obviously know who Nirvana is, listened to their music a bit, and knew he killed himself. Aside from that, I really knew nothing at all about him. It’s well worth watching.

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Pando Interview with Stewart Butterfield

I’m simply bookmarking this for myself in a place I know I’ll watch it later… [via Pando]

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LetsTRYKE, and More on The Long Tail of Ride Sharing

I agree with Nick Grossman, when he said “the long tail of ride sharing will be a big big thing”. Earlier this week, as a result of being one of the organizers for Startup Weekend Valparaiso and a friend’s project (Wilin) advancing to the Global Startup Battle champions track, I was browsing other finalists and came across LetsTryke (@letstryke). They didn’t win unfortunately, but that’s not the point. In my Why I’m Long Lyft post on GeekWire, I said: Lyft’s brand can support being the technology under the entire public transportation grid (including a massive peer-to-peer component that doesn’t exist today). LetsTRYKE in the Philippines is exactly the type of long tail opportunity that exists in the transportation market in the developing … Continue reading