Tell me about a time auditing metrics led to a new realization

Note: as I’m currently evaluating and interviewing for product manager opportunities, I’m publishing many answers to the product, behavioral, business, and life questions I’m researching/practicing publicly rather than keep them private in a Google doc.

Tell me about a time when auditing led to a new realization.

horizon-logoAuditing Horizon’s user database led to realizing our iOS app had been switched to a new version of Facebook’s graph API as a result of an update to the Facebook SDK.

At Zillow, auditing customer feedback data (overlaid on a map using ESRI’s ArcView program) resulted in discovery of mistakes originating from re-ordering columns of data. The result was ZIP codes showing the wrong color code (I was building a heatmap). Those mistakes were then corrected prior to those datasets being shared more broadly with executives.

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