Tell me About Horizon…

Note: as I’m currently evaluating and interviewing for product manager opportunities, I’m publishing many answers to the product, behavioral, business, and life questions I’m researching/practicing publicly rather than keep them private in a Google doc.

Tell me about starting & building Horizon

horizon-logoHorizon is an application that helps people find places to stay with their trusted network. The inspiration came from several years of travel and the realization that the barrier to travel is fear, not time & money. The problem our product solves is trust, enabling travelers to know they are staying with a trusted connection either a friend or community they belong to can vouch for. It also hits on affordability — offering a cheaper way to travel than AirBnB, hostels, or hotels.

The platform has reached 13,000 people, facilitated 3,000 interactions and more than 50 stays.

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