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The Borgen Project

I came across the Borgen Project (via listening to the Generation App podcast on Craigslist, hearing Cara talk about finding roommates & being interested due to our recent focus on sublets, looking at her Twitter bio). The Borgen Project believes that leaders of the most powerful nation on earth should be doing more to address global poverty. We’re the innovative, national campaign that is working to make poverty a focus of U.S. foreign policy. What it is: History: Yep, as you can imagine based on prior writing, that seems like a worthwhile mission to me.

Kricket, a map-based, anonymous network helping refugees find safety and resources through crowdsourced geotagged information

If you’re at all interested in the ongoing refugee situation, there’s a Kickstarter campaign for Kricket you should support.

One World Play Project – The Most Durable Futbol Ever

The One World Play Project looks awesome. A futbol that last for years in the roughest terrains.


This TED video with Bill and Melinda Gates is worth watching… And yes, you do have a responsibility to make this world better.

UW’s Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition Results


A few weeks ago, just prior to leaving for Medellin, I coached at the 2014 Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition, put on by UW Foster School of Business. I got introduced to Charlene Balick at UW several months ago, by now Oh Hey World advisor Matt Duncan, as a result of the social tech entrepreneurship opportunity for Seattle post I wrote. As a result of that introduction, I ended up giving pitch feedback at one of the coaching sessions. My overarching takeaway in terms of student pitches versus pitches in the business world, was the lack of storytelling at the collegiate level. Don’t get me wrong. I’m 100% sure I was the same way in college…I didn’t … Continue reading

What Really Leads to Successful Causes: Community

facebook like

“Likes” don’t equate to donations for causes. Ummm, of course, this is not surprising in the slightest. To “like” something on Facebook is a 1 second commitment. In short, it doesn’t mean sh*t. You want to know what leads to successful causes, that actually raise a lot of money? A real, engaged community around that cause. And anyone that has ever built community, knows community is built only with in person time. Where do I donate my money? Simple. To causes and organizations where I have strong friendships with founders, employees, and numerous passionate supporters. Not to random charities or causes I, or my friends, may have “liked” on Facebook. My advice to those desiring … Continue reading

Saving Lives with Peanut Butter, and the Calorie Cloud

Watch this video featuring Mark Moore, founder and CEO of MANA Nutrition. He went through the Unreasonable Institute and knows how to save lives with peanuts. Fascinating talk. Makes me think bigger than I’m already thinking.