Do you have a cool web 2.0 web site and want to be featured on TechCrunch? Guy Kawasaki covers the subject with a post and video with Mike Arrington. Robert Scoble adds some commentary by saying, “Show up at conferences and geek events where Mike is at. Show him a demo of your product. But only do that if it totally kicks ass.”

The lesson? Have a great product (duh!).

  • Thanks for the reminder! It’s a great thing that today, things may be easier to access the VCs through more avenues like TechCrunch. In the old days you had to slog around through trade shows and try to get noticed there.

  • Drew Meyers

    I think, with the rise of social media, great products will really win out (and VC’s will notice them)- which will be beneficial to consumers in the end.