Wow- what a great presentation (podcast) by Chris Anderson, author of the Long Tail. So many fascinating points- such as Google’s ability to capture all the small advertisers that will never get called by ad salesmen, but the aggregate of their spend is a very large figure. It’s about an hour long, but well worth it if you have the time. The rise of peer production is really incredible and powerful. IMO, companies should not have to pay for focus groups or product ideas. Chances are, some really great ideas reside in the brains of employees, but the wisdom that resides outside your organization is even greater. Take advantage of it- if you have passionate customers, they will gladly give you product ideas and help you innovate faster than your company going at it solo. Chris bounced most of his long tail ideas off the readers of his blog to produce a better book- a great use of “wisdom of the crowds.”

Thanks to Build a Better blog for making me aware of the great podcast.