UW’s Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition Results


A few weeks ago, just prior to leaving for Medellin, I coached at the 2014 Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition, put on by UW Foster School of Business. I got introduced to Charlene Balick at UW several months ago, by now Oh Hey World advisor Matt Duncan, as a result of the social tech entrepreneurship opportunity for Seattle post I wrote. As a result of that introduction, I ended up giving pitch feedback at one of the coaching sessions. My overarching takeaway in terms of student pitches versus pitches in the business world, was the lack of storytelling at the collegiate level. Don’t get me wrong. I’m 100% sure I was the same way in college…I didn’t … Continue reading

Why Leaders Eat Last

From Simon Sinek…

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Lindsey Engh at TEDxEastsidePrep

Building community is something I think about every single day, and Impact HUB in Seattle is one organization that does a great job of it. Here is more from Lindsey Engh, one of it’s co-founders…

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What Really Leads to Successful Causes: Community

facebook like

“Likes” don’t equate to donations for causes. Ummm, of course, this is not surprising in the slightest. To “like” something on Facebook is a 1 second commitment. In short, it doesn’t mean sh*t. You want to know what leads to successful causes, that actually raise a lot of money? A real, engaged community around that cause. And anyone that has ever built community, knows community is built only with in person time. Where do I donate my money? Simple. To causes and organizations where I have strong friendships with founders, employees, and numerous passionate supporters. Not to random charities or causes I, or my friends, may have “liked” on Facebook. My advice to those desiring … Continue reading

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The Coming Verticalization of Mobile

The app store is a massive, massive landscape. Discovery is virtually impossible, even with their newer popular nearby feature. And Apple is locking other people out from solving this problem with discovery apps. What’s going to happen? The same thing that happened when broad search/discovery hit scale on the web. Google dominated search in the early 2000′s. Once you could find virtually anything, there was too much noise to sort though. Each vertical is different, and people realized specialized search would serve the consumer better. As a result, vertical specific search plays (such as Zillow where I worked) started popping up in the mid 2000′s. The same thing will happen with mobile, and we’re close … Continue reading

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This is Worth the 4 1/2 Minutes

Post by 95.7 KJR.

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I Want to Vomit

**VOMIT** When you have to specifically say “this is a legitimate company”….chances are good the real answer is it’s not.

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