Twitter to Get into Live Video


I just listened to the Too Embarrassed to Ask podcast about Twitter’s entry into live video. Can we get one thing straight? There is zero need for 24/7 news in people’s lives.

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Who Remembers Playing the F*cking Recorder? Or not Playing?


I was listening to City of the Sun last night, and got to thinking about that stupid instrument I had to play in 4th/5th grade. The flute. Nope. Actually, the recorder. It was 25 years ago, but I have a couple distinct memories from music class. One, my teacher looking at me with that look that I knew meant “what the heck are you doing ruining the song for the entire class? How are you so bad at this?“. Second, constantly pretending to play along, but not really blowing at all (so as not to actually make any noise) without getting caught by the teacher. So, who else played that f*cking recorder — but didn’t really PLAY the recorder? [Graphic via]

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Nationalism vs Globalism

If you’re at all intellectually curious, I highly encourage you to watch the following TED discussion about nationalism vs globalism:

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facebooklogo.png is shutting down. I haven’t heard anyone mention Ello since…it launched in 2014. They are now branding themselves as “The Creators Network”. I wonder how that is going? Treem is another recent entrant. I recently listened to a RE/CODE podcast with the founder of Orkut (his name is also Orkut). He’s working on a new social network called the Hello Network. I still believe the downfall of Facebook is entirely possible, perhaps even probable. But who, and how? The chicken and egg problem is very, very real. Tackling “social” is fucking hard… there’s no doubt about that, as proved by the graveyard of attempts that grows by the month.

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Cities of Sleep Trailor

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ESPN’s Business Model is in Deep Trouble


ESPN lost 621,000 subscribes in one month; their worst month ever. Shiza (shit, in German), that’s a lot of people –at $7 per subscriber per month in revenue. I’ve been watching the World Series using the fox sports go Apple TV app. All I had to do was “verify” a cable subscription with a login — which of course could be swapped at anytime with a verification from another cable company. Fox now has a direct relationship with me through a technology intermediary that has my credit card. I’m one click from paying Fox a monthly subscription for their content. Or maybe a world series game is $2 to watch. Yes, I’d absolutely pay that. Live sports is … Continue reading

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Journeying to Mars


I don’t know about you, but I think Elon made a convincing case that inhabiting Mars is going to happen.

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