WOW…talk about timing on this news. I’m sure Salesforce didn’t time this with the Facebook fiasco (or did they?), but the news that they now have a Winter 07 preview section of their web site is another great business move by salesforce showing that they are listening to their users. What are they doing? There are previews of all the new features that salesforce may roll out this winter that users can vote on. This shows they are very serious about giving their customers what they want. If you are a web 2.0 company (or any company in general), make sure you make your product decisions with the help of your customer. It looks like they are investing in a desktop calendar and are looking for customer feedback. I’ve used salesforce personally, and I can see the future possibility of organizing your whole job in salesforce if they keep adding features to their already rich feature-set. Microsoft Outlook could face some stiff competition to hold their ground with companies utilizing salesforce. Managers would love it if people used salesforce to send all their e-mails and tracked all their phone calls, since custom reports and dashboards are so simple ot set up. In addition to their calendar application, they have lots of logos to vote on for Winter 07, the most popular being the image below.

So, the question Magnus raises is this- Is anyone doing a better job of listening and communicating with their users than salesforce? What do you think?