This is UNREAL. I did numerous Google searches and could not find a corporate blog for BestBuy. They have an audience that includes many early adopters (techies)- a shame they don’t have a blog to engage that group and obtain feedback. BestBuy- if you’re listeneing…please start a corporate blog to give consumers some insight into your company. I assure you it will be a worthwhile endeavor for your organization.

If anyone finds a BestBuy blog or even an employee’s blog, please leave a comment below so I can update this post.

  • Well, I found none, too. You have a good blog but I would prefer a bit longer posts.

  • Drew Meyers

    Thanks for the comment. I admit, I have been writing shorter posts recently- mainly because I was “blogged out” after the blog business summit last week. I’ll make an attempt to add a little more commentary going forward.

  • Ryan

    I work for Best Buy and know of no “Corporate Blog.” But I would have to mention that feedback can be submitted via All stores use this as a major factor to develop the store and its employees.

  • Drew – I’ll second Ryan in that I’m also a BB employee. I do have my blog, but it isn’t something that would have anything to do with BB, more about my experience in real estate. But a great idea … hmm … maybe I’ve just found a way to make some extra cash 🙂

  • Ryan and Toby-
    Thanks for dropping by. I’m still in shock a massive company that sells technology like BestBuy has no blog.

    Some BB employee should just start the blog — and ask for forgiveness later if someone gets mad. I don’t see too many negatives that can occur from having a corporate blog.

  • After my tour of the Fortune 500 Blogosphere this past month, I Best Buy could easily replicate what Walmart did with their checkout blog.