Notice anything about the picture below?

If you didn’t catch it, the point I wanted to make is that the floor of this home is composed of dirt.

I’m taking another trip (I went last year) to the Dominican Republic in late November with a few friends. In addition to getting more microfinance experience and visiting some beautiful beaches, one of the things we are going to be doing in pouring a concrete floor or two for a couple families. Yes, you heard that right. Pouring concrete floors. Living here in the United States, we take the floors of our homes for granted. In the developing world, not everyone is so lucky — many homes still have dirt floors. My friends and I are going to be spending a day or two helping improve the living structure for a family or two. There’s is a hook to this — we have to raise the money to buy the actual concrete and for transportation. In order to “sponsor” our work, we are trying to raise about $1,000-$1,500 from family and friends.

If you want to help improve the life of a Dominican family like the one pictured below by sponsoring our work (you don’t have to sponsor the entire cost, anything you can provide would be helpful), please either leave a comment or e-mail me at meyers dot drew (at) gmail. I promise to share pictures afterward 🙂

This will be us in late November (with a little support from you hopefully)