A guest post request sitting in my inbox this morning…

I discovered your blog a few weeks ago, read 3 of your quality posts and got really impressed. I think you’re doing a great job and making your readers happy and better than they were.

However, I discovered you’re open for guest post. I’ve a unique and helpful guest posts which I would love to offer. Here is the topic.

  1. Staining Concrete Floors – Best Practices To Give A Magical Feel
  2. Different Types Of Decorative Concrete Floors
  3. Concrete Floors – Giving Shape To Brilliant Decorative Ideas
  4. Basic Idea About Staining Your Concrete Floor
  5. Tips For Cleaning Concrete Floors In A Better Way

Yea…concrete floors? I really doubt the audience on any of my blogs cares about concrete floors. They should have read this post prior to emailing me.