I’ve run several multi author blogs for the past few years. Every day or two, I get at least one inquiry from someone wanting to post a guest post on one of my blogs (Geek Estate, Oh Hey World, or myKRO).

Guest authors get links and exposure in return for original content. I WANT more guest contributors. But not all of them are good; many are spammers or SEO consultants who will do anything for a link. Here’s how I evaluate guest posting inquiries that show up in my inbox:

  1. Look at their email address and see if there is a number in their gmail address – ie suzysmith23@gmail.com. A number in their address generally means they are an SEO consultant. If I see this – I almost always instantly delete the email.
  2. Check their website out. Do they appear to be a legitimate business, with a legitimate reputation? Are they in the real estate vertical (for Geek Estate inquiries)? Does their website give a snake oil salesman impression? Or are they providing valuable content? If the site looks like crap, I generally delete the email.
  3. Make the author send me an original article NOT already posted on the web. Are they pitching their own product? Are they stuffing the article with their own links? Do they seem genuinely interested in helping others, or just in it for their own benefit?

Here’s some more reading from SEOMoz for those on the other end of the email evaluating potential places to guest post.