As I’ve said before, follow-up is crucial to succeed in business/life. Below is an example of a great follow up from Kris Arnebeck, whom I met while in San Francisco a couple weeks ago:

Hi Drew,

It was great to meet you at Connect last week, and those were some damn good burritos we had! Enjoy your upcoming trip to Oktoberfest…be sure to get there by early afternoon, unless you already have a table reserved. Otherwise it can be tough to find a seat in the tents which is required to get beer. Good luck with your work at Zillow and the other projects you are working on. BTW – the video you linked to in your post about “How Michael Jordan Did It” is one of my favorite commercials!

Keep in touch,

– Kris

Kris Arnebeck
PogoPad, Founder

Why is it good?

  1. His mention of the Michael Jordan commercial showed he spent at least a little time on my blog (which most people don’t bother to do)
  2. He gave me a useful piece of advice for my upcoming Europe trip
  3. He reminded me of how we met while in San Francisco (got burritos in the Mission district)

The few extra minutes he took to personalize the message are above and beyond what 98% of people are willing to do – and as a result, he made a very favorable impression on me. Great job Kris, and best of luck with your start-up, Pogopad!