Becoming Legendary — How Michael Jordan Did It

Michael Jordan is the greatest player in NBA history in my opinion, which is exactly why this commercial is so powerful. The commercial walks you through some of the mis perceptions about reaching greatness from Jordan’s perspective and relays the message that hard work and dedication are the core drivers. Reaching Jordan’s level on the court doesn’t just HAPPEN from raw athletic talent like some people think — he accomplished what he did by working harder (both mentally and physically) than others. I saw this commercial numerous times this weekend while watching the NBA Play-offs, so reaching young kids with the message of “If you work hard, you can achieve anything” is definitely a goal of the ad campaign.

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  • Hi! I’m Rudy from Trulia. Be like Mike!

    Love Drew. Thanks for sharing……

  • Hi! I’m Rudy from Trulia. Be like Mike!

    Love “it” Drew :)

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    I’m not sure I agree. I watched a basketball game once, and they interviewed Kobe Bryant before the game. The interviewer asked Kobe what he had to eat before the game, and Kobe replied, saying he had eaten a combo meal. He went on to outplay everyone in that game — fueled by a burger, fries and a coke. Professional athletes are known for eating power foods before game time, but not Kobe. He’s got so much talent, he can wipe the court, fueled only by junk food.

  • Chris

    MJ was the greatest basketball player of all time. This commercial summarizes him and his desire to be the best.

    I had the opportunity to see him once in a gym working out with his personal trainer during spring training when he was playing in the White Sox organization. His commitiment that day was just as strong as the commercial says.

    This commercial should be watched by anyone who wants to better themself and thinks it’s easy – Its not. Hardwork, determination will get you to the goal line. No free lunches!

  • Drew Meyers

    I agree Chris. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Jason Spencer

    We had an interesting debate last week about who has had a bigger impact on the world – Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods (before the events of this month).

    To most of us here in Australia it looks to be Tiger, in the US who will be considered a bigger legend?

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