I agree with Ronald Lewis’ comment on TechCrunch post calling for Yahoo’s Terry Semel’s head. Here’s the last two paragraphs of comment –

And for crying out loud, GET RID of Yahoo! Photos and other services where things overlap. Why the hell does anyone need two photo sites when you’ve got the world’s MOST popular and KICK ASS photo sharing property (umm, Flickr?)

Ahhh, it’s just the American way to make changes when it’s far too late — it’s only then when our ignorance and arrogance fails us and we awaken to realize we need to do something. We do this shit everyday in society, business, relationships, ahhh … why bother going on.

Regarding the last paragraph of his comment — I am just praying that society won’t wait until it’s too late regarding global warming (but I’m convinced we probably will given human nature). We need more people like Al Gore championing this issue.

On the subject of Yahoo! — they need to determine their core focus instead of trying to do everything.

  • You do get the feeling that Yahoo! are attempting to play catch up to Google with little successes (minus some key purchases). While Google has managed to [successfully] spread itself thin with products from Sketchup to Maps, Yahoo isn’t picking the right mediums to get into, or like you commented on – going over old ground. I don’t think it’s a case of determining a core focus, but more making better decisions with how far they want to push the Yahoo! brand…