I watched Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth video a couple weeks ago — very eye-opening and a bit depressing to be honest. A report just released says humans ARE (the report words it “very likely”) causing global warming — I agree. I’m afraid that this issue will not be addressed until something catastrophic happens — such as a massive ice shelf from Greenland or Antarctica falling into the ocean to raise sea levels upwards of 10 feet worldwide. This would displace MILLIONS of people in coastal cities.

  • “It’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his NOT understanding it.” Upton Sinclare

Here is a good list of ten things you can do to reduce global warming. Don’t sit around and wait for something happen. Be pro-active. This issue is not going away and will only get worse if we continue to ignore it.

I HIGHLY encourage you to watch this film. I’ve embedded the trailer below. To learn more, visit ClimateCrisis.net.