I just read Jill Krasny’s “Why I’ve Decided to Quit Facebook” on Business Insider.

And you know what? There’s a lot of truth to her argument (no substitute for phone call/in person, pressure to add people you don’t want to, no easy way of grouping friends, so much personal data in marketers hands in the future).

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the the fact that Facebook keeps me in touch with so many people. A friend here in Chiang Mai met up with a friend she hasn’t seen for 14 years as a result of a simple Facebook status update. That’s a powerful aspect of Facebook that’s going to be hard, if not impossible, for another social network to replace unless they can get a billion members on their platform.

But the rest of Facebook?

Not a fan.

I’m beginning to hate the constant time suck of scrolling through status updates that I largely don’t care about and add zero value to my life. Same with photos – more than 50% of them are photos I could easily do without looking at. Yet, day after day, I for some reason feel compelled to spend a portion of my day on the site. All the time I currently spend (aka waste) on Facebook is time I’m NOT spending talking to close friends or working to make a living. Neither of those are good things.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if I start to hate Facebook more and more as I progress through my professional career and meet more and more people — making it harder and harder to keep in touch with my close friends.

I’m certainly not ready to quit Facebook yet.

But I can see a time where the prospect of “quitting” Facebook might intrigue me. That time will come when another platform comes along that successfully gets all most CLOSE friends onboard (or is cool enough where I am the one “selling” my friends on moving over). If another platform gets all most close friends? It gets me, too.

So, a trend? Probably not. But a future trend? Maybe.

  • I agree Drew – I personally have a “love – hate” relationship with Facebook. On one hand, part of me wants to “keep in touch” – and of course, then there’s the debate about necessity for business. But, a big part of me feels completely narcissistic and shallow – which is why you’ll see spurts of activity from me… followed by a few days/weeks of little participation.

  • I’m with you. Really, I do think it’s only a matter of time before FB goes out of fashion. Nothing stays on top forever. But, to be clear, they’ve had a damn impressive run so far and I think they have at least another 5 years on top.

  • I quit FB and it was wonderful! Sure I miss updates and friends and such but honestly if you aren’t friends outside of FB you really aren’t friends.