Thanks to those who commented, wrote, or e-mailed me regarding the post I wrote on Thursday night — I’m glad it impacted some people the way I had hoped it would. Benn found this cool graphic, which I like.


And he also directed me to this video on YouTube put together by the Grameen Bank.

Hopefully, you’ll consider donating the minimum of $25 to one of the businesses looking for loans on Kiva. I just donated to Preab Thongdy (photo below).

Mrs. Preab Thongdy, 57, and her husband live together in the Siem Reap Province of Cambodia. Between them they have 3 children, one of whom works at an airport earning $200 a month, one as a construction worker earning $3 a day, and one selling souvenir products to tourists for $2 a day. They have applied for this loan so that they can build a house as there own house has fallen into disrepair.