So, Zillow (my employer) is at it again — and I’ll be keeping track once again.

Make sure to tune into the Zillow Blog for updates.

Update @ 9:42: Zillow is now live again!

Update @ 9:57: Check the Zillow Blog for an overview w/ links!

There are a couple primary features being added to the site tonight (site should be live shortly):

  • Neighborhood Pages — discuss your neighborhood, such as Queen Anne in Seattle.
  • Zillow Discussions — talk about a topic of interest, such as Home Buying or Home Selling. Or connect with fellow real estate professionals.
  • Polls — anyone can suggest a poll that is either targeted to a selection of ZIP codes or targeted nationally (shown anywhere polls appear on Zillow). The polls will display throughout neighborhood pages and Zillow Discussions.
  • Enhancements to the Real Estate Guide (wiki) — there is now an integrated search module in the upper left corner of every wiki page, plus you can now upload images to the wiki (yay!).

Here’s the play-by-play for you Zillow fanatics out there: