facebooklogo.pngSince I’m such a huge fan of Facebook, I thought I’d mention that there is an interview in the WSJ with Mark Zuckerberg (FB’s CEO). Some interesting discussion by Andy Kessler, Tim O’Reilly, and Kristen Nicole at Mashable. One thing I find very interesting is this quote:

In the next iterations, you’re going to see real stories being produced. ‘These people went to this party and they did this the next day and then here’s the discussion that was taking place off of this article in The Wall Street Journal. And these two people went to this party and they broke up the next day.’ Whatever, you can start weaving together real events into stories. As these start to approach being stories, we turn into a massive publisher. Twenty to 30 snippets of information or stories a day, that’s like 300 million stories a day. It gets to a point where we are publishing more in a day than most other publications have in the history of their whole existence.

It seems that Facebook is going after the publishing industry. I think this means, as users continue to share increased information about their everyday lives, FB will have much of the same type of content as Outside.in is going after – hyperlocal content (what’s going on near you geographically). With roughly 16 million potential individual publishers, it’s pretty scary how much content can be created. However, the really cool thing is Facebook will likely have the majority of that hyperlocal content on THEIR servers (rather than sending traffic to other blogs and news sources like Outside.in).  The significance of this for FB? All the resulting page views will then occur on their site, leading to even more virtual inventory to generate advertising revenue.