After a 6:30 am flight to Seattle this morning, it was back to the daily grind (though I can’t really call it a grind since I like my job) after a weekend in sunny California. The weekend was a much-needed break from Seattle. On Friday, my friend and I visited several vineyards and drove by some amazing houses in Saratoga, CA. Maybe in 10 years, I’ll be able to afford a house in the area. I didn’t drive by this house specifically, but check out some of the photos on this 5,000 square foot home.


I also did a small amount of blogger networking and met up with Kevin Boer for a drink last night in Palo Alto — I have to say, right about now, I’m a bit jealous of the weather he gets to enjoy on a daily basis. I’ll be back in the Bay Area for the Inman Connect conference in July. I guess until then — I can just hope for a nice Seattle spring.

  • Drew, a pleasure to catch up with you, and glad you enjoyed the weekend. Keep up your great work at Zillow and some day the above home — or something even more magnificent — will be yours. When that day comes, I have a great Realtor recommendation for you.

  • Drew Meyers

    haha – I think I know who that realtor will be if I’m buying in the Bay Area.