TechCrunch wrote about MyBlogLog today…is this a sign there is loads of potential in MyBlogLog? If you’re like me- you probably see it. Did anyone else catch on to this quote in the post?

Analytics leveraging user demographics are the next level things can be taken, the company told me. That’s something that the big social networking sites are already able to use, why shouldn’t bloggers?

The post got my mind going- I THINK I now totally realize how excited the staff over at MyBlogLog must be about the future of their company. To me, there is HUGE potential here. I definitely see the day when MyBlogLog gets into blog advertising- in a MASSIVE way. They’d almost have to be crazy to not take advantage of their network of blogs using their widgets. Very smart of them to merge social networking with traditional blogging to help connect people because it creates a very valuable service. The more information MBL gathers from its users, the more valuable those eyeballs are to advertisers. And since people don’t like to sign up for more accounts (who doesn’t want everything all in one place), MBL could easily add an advertising network by adding an ad widget that bloggers could opt to put on their site. A win-win for everyone in my opinion…including advertisers who presently have no easy way to reach the very targeted audiences that blogs draw. Google is hugely successful because they’ve lured everyone in (with a VERY good search engine). I think MBL will take the same road- lure in as many bloggers as possible (with a valuable way to enhance the blogging experience) and then create an ad network with their users. VERY smart.

Lastly, there was a comment on TechCrunch that reiterates a point that I’ve said before- the great thing about blogging is being connected to other like minded bloggers (people). Ultimately, this is what MBL is helping bloggers accomplish better than anyone else (IMO).

I’ve been using MyBlogLog for a couple months now. I often found it to be analagous to the passage ways under Disneyland. While all the hullabaloo of the blogosphere is above, MyBlogLog offers direct convenient connections between like minded people.

Though I do not have any vested interest in their success (they are not paying me to write this), you can probably tell I am a huge fan of MyBlogLog!

UPDATE: Looks like I wrote this post a little too soon. I just opened my e-mail box to find an e-mail from MBL and realized why TechCrunch wrote about them- MBL came out of BETA!! Here is the last paragraph of the e-mail showing that they have even more cool stuff planned.

Expect to see some great things in the next couple of months. Now that we’re happy with the framework and we’ve knocked out the bugs, it’s time to start building the next round of features that bring you even closer to other people on your favorite sites. Improved messaging. More widgets. Additional stats. Significantly more communities. Better yet, if you’ve got an idea on what would make MyBlogLog better, send me message or drop me an email. So many of MyBlogLog’s improvements start with a member saying “wouldn’t it be great if…” (Thanks Ferret and LordMatt).