I sure the heck hope so! My colleague just sent me this link, which references Yahoo’s announcement post, and I’ll be watching adoption closely. What does Yahoo’s Browser Based Authentication (BBAuth) do?

BBAuth also makes it possible to use Yahoo! as a single sign-on for your site, thus removing a barrier to entry for a whole lot of people



I hope small & large developers everywhere adopt this so that I can browse around the internet without remembering 15 user names & passwords. Great work Yahoo!!!!

Update: BusinessWeek has picked up on the story and mentions that this could lead to a whole new wave of mash-ups.

  • didn’t Microsoft, Sixapart, and others already try this? I wonder what will make the the Yahoo effort any different.

  • Drew Meyers

    I don’t think I have a good answer for you- but yes, others have tried. I don’t know enough about how Microsoft and sixapart approached it from a technology standpoint. I like the Yahoo! model of making it an API and letting developers run with it- it could work.

  • David

    Hashim – Yahoo! has about 100 X the head-start that MSdid and they’re 1M times closer than sixapart. I’d bet that Yahoo! has the login and ID for more active users than any other website on the internet. Agreed that it’s been proven a tough nut to crack – but interesting that yahoo!’s trying – if anyone could get this right, it would be yahoo! – if they fail, no-one will fix this – so, lets all root for yahoo! on this one.

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