GigOM posted a Q&A session with Reid Hoffman, CEO of LinkedIn, this morning. I found this Hoffman answer interesting from the Q&A-

Q: On the flip side, are there any areas that are dead to you?

A: Nothing is dead for an innovative idea. Some areas seem very crowded – photosharing or social networking dating sites, for example. Others seem very open – like good applications on social networks.

I’ve been hearing a lot about LinkedIn lately and I think they’re really one of the social networking sites that is going to last the course. Why? They add VALUE to the lives of business professionals. With all the new start-ups in the social networking space, it’s easy to forget that the ones that find a way to add value to people’s lives are the ones that will survive. All the cool technology in the world can’t keep a site going if there is no value involved for the consumer.

Check out BusinessWeek’s selection of podcasts as well (FYI- I think there is the Hoffman interview I listened to last week among these somewhere)!