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Innovation Pockets by Country, Driven by Regulation

I just watched this debate between Marc Andreessen and Peter Thiel from 2013 (as a result of seeing the link at the end of this article). At the very end of the hour debate, Marc mentions countries being differentiated by regulatory structures (and the movement toward more Hong Kong’s and Singapore’s) — resulting in innovation by sector. I see a strong parallel between countries differentiated by regulation as he mentions, and cities differentiated by branding around certain lifestyle niches… something I wrote about last year. At the end of the day, communities are at the heart of both trends.

Even Some Great Ideas Don’t Make It

I was beyond surprised when I learned that Lively was shutting its doors. It was one of the Seattle startups, along with Trover, I was personally interested in & felt had massive long term potential. Done right and given enough time to get momentum, I think the Lively vision of bringing the experience from a concert home with people is a home run for music lovers. Granted, I don’t know the music industry at all, so I have no idea what it would take to reach critical mass. Just goes to show, even startups with really great ideas don’t always make it.

And….Verticalization of Mobile Starts

If you are in the tech world, and didn’t see the Google Maps – Uber news yesterday, you were under a rock (there is only a WHEEE bit of coverage of it). Semil wrote a bit on what this (could) mean for both Google & Uber. The integration of Uber into Google Maps, is one of the first major mobile distribution deals we’ve seen in the coming verticalization of mobile. I’m betting big, we’re going to see many, many more deals like this in the coming months and years.

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The Coming Verticalization of Mobile

The app store is a massive, massive landscape. Discovery is virtually impossible, even with their newer popular nearby feature. And Apple is locking other people out from solving this problem with discovery apps. What’s going to happen? The same thing that happened when broad search/discovery hit scale on the web. Google dominated search in the early 2000’s. Once you could find virtually anything, there was too much noise to sort though. Each vertical is different, and people realized specialized search would serve the consumer better. As a result, vertical specific search plays (such as Zillow where I worked) started popping up in the mid 2000’s. The same thing will happen with mobile, and we’re close … Continue reading

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The Future of Search – Google Helpouts

I have to admit, I think Google’s coming helpouts feature is brilliant. Getting real time help from experts is the future of search in my mind. There used to be not enough information online, so you had to speak with an expert to get the information you needed. Then the internet came along, and everyone started putting everything online. Now, the problem is there is too much information online and it’s a huge pain in the ass to find what you want, in a trusted environment without scouring through mounds and mounds of irrelevant crap. Helpouts will offer the chance to get help in real time from an expert specific to your search term. This … Continue reading

Project Loon

This is why there is only one Google. Who else launches projects like balloon-powered internet? The concept… The technology…

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Google is Taking Over the World. PayPal Up Next

Google is seriously taking on the world right now. First, a shot at Yelp. Next up? PayPal with the ability to send money directly from Gmail. Square better do something quick if they want to capitalize on the opportunity to unseat PayPal. Update: Also, they are taking on Whatsapp, Facebook and SMS.

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