How do you determine customer pain points?

Note: as I’m currently evaluating and interviewing for product manager opportunities, I’m publishing many answers to the product, behavioral, business, and life questions I’m researching/practicing publicly rather than keep them private in a Google doc.

How do you determine customer pain points? How do you know if you’re addressing them?

Ask — over and over and over. Inquire constantly as to “why” they are taking a specific action. Once you think you are at the end of the road, ask why again. In short, figuring out customer pain points requires an intense curiosity — and a lot of time to have lots of conversations.

The best indicator of whether you’ve solved a pain point is if a product gets shared among friends — and those friends start using the product as well. Most people have friends battling many of the same problems they have, and are more than happy to share solutions/products/answers if they have them.

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