A few notes to start 2016…

After 5 years living a fairly nomadic life, I finally set some roots and moved back to my old stomping grounds, Queen Anne in Seattle (an awesome place to live), on August 1st.

If you haven’t talked to me personally and you don’t read Geek Estate (there is no reason to if you’re not in the real estate industry), you likely don’t know I’ve been consulting for Homely / StreetAdvisor for the past few months (since June). We’ve been spending our effort getting new reviews for the best neighborhoods in Seattle & cities in the surrounding area such as Kirkland, Bellevue, and Redmond and working on a site redesign.

I’m still working on Horizon with all my free time. Thus far, we’ve surpassed 5,450 users while  focused on short term hospitality exchange (1-4 days) inside communities such as Sigma Phi Epsilon, Peace Corps, and Start-Up Chile (read a longer summary of the 18 month journey here). That said, we just added support for sublets to our web app (api.horizonapp.co) & working on a corresponding iOS update for later this month or early next. We’re also building a native Android that should be ready to begin early testing within the next month. The sublet support means hosts can now add a link to AirBnB, Craigslist, etc + free form text to explain the scenario + indicate yes/no they are willing to sublet. The belief is that mid range stays are a use case for Horizon with clear incentives on both sides of the market, while pure hospitality exchange only has incentives on the traveler side — and will result in stronger growth for the product.

Asks to start 2015:

Download the Horizon iOS app, or login to the web version if you don’t have an iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch.

If you know someone that fits one of these descriptions, I’d love to speak to them:

  • Someone who currently rents either a shared room or entire apartments on AirBnB (or other vacation rental websites)
  • Someone looking to rent a room or apartment for between 1-4 months (travel nurses, PHD students, entrepreneurs, etc)
  • Someone looking for a roommate
  • Works in Human Resources at a large corporation that deals with relocating new and current employees
  • Is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

You can email me at drew at horizonapp co if you know someone who fits the bill. If there is anything I can do to help you going into 2016, let me know. Gracias.