Allow me to connect all my social media accounts.

Send me contacts via any of my social media channels, via a Tinder-like interface.

Keep sending me people until I un-follow, de-friend, or disconnect one person.

Repeat daily.

The goal of the app? Trim, rather than fatten, my social media lists to make them more, not less, relevant.

Seems counter intuitive right? Social apps should be about being more social, not less social. Truth be told, I really don’t want more connections; I want deeper & more meaningful connections and news.

Most of my social media stream is noise, because I’ve accumulated too many contacts over the years. Most people I talk to say the same thing. Yet LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are pushing non stop to connect with people you “may know” or “should follow”. LinkedIn’s data is crap for this exact reason (note: there is a very promising entrant coming). They are making their platform less relevant every single day as a result. The problem is following fewer people means spending less time on the service — and less time means less ad dollars in their pocketbooks.

People can only deal with information overload for so long. Often times, it’s easier to just start over than it is to go through and remove or de friend a bunch of people to get down to the true friends and connections you value. My gut is, if they don’t solve this relevancy problem for users, someone else will.