Published Date: June 17, 2014

It’s official. Facebook’s newest creation, Slingshot, is here.

It’s SnapChat — but to see photos sent to you, you are forced to sling something back.


Who cares? Is there some sort of pain point this solves….for anyone?

There is a reason that 1% of people create content for the rest of the world to consume. It’s hard work, and frankly the majority of the world likely thinks it’s a waste of time to send a bunch of (largely) irrelevant content into the cloud. And they are likely right. But they will all consume content from friends because they do indeed care about them. Slingshot is aiming to make the 99% work harder to receive photos from friends in a private environment. Umm, why exactly would they want that? Sure, the 1% may want to hear more from those they share content with, but are they going to switch from Snapchat, text, or Instagram and get all their friends to use an entirely new app with the hopes they will use it?

When people are forced to reply to see a photo? They are going to reply with crap. Why? They want to look at a photo right now. But they likely don’t have something super interesting to share at that exact moment (the reason they are checking their phone is they are bored). This will lead to a whole load of crap that doesn’t exist today. As someone is in the 1% of massive content creators, I can tell you I don’t want any app to force someone to send a response to me to see my content. If someone has something they want to share with me, great. If not, that’s totally fine too.

I predict a short life span.