facebook like“Likes” don’t equate to donations for causes.

Ummm, of course, this is not surprising in the slightest. To “like” something on Facebook is a 1 second commitment. In short, it doesn’t mean sh*t.

You want to know what leads to successful causes, that actually raise a lot of money? A real, engaged community around that cause. And anyone that has ever built community, knows community is built only with in person time.

Where do I donate my money? Simple. To causes and organizations where I have strong friendships with founders, employees, and numerous passionate supporters.

Not to random charities or causes I, or my friends, may have “liked” on Facebook.

My advice to those desiring to run a successful cause?

Stop focusing on growing your social media presence, and go back to community building 101. It’s your only real chance of success.

Note: Also posted on Medium.