There was a segment on 60 minutes last night about Colorado’s marijuana industry.

The fact that marijuana is illegal in most states, while alcohol is not…is, frankly, fucking absurd.  The reason marijuana has remained illegal for all these years is due to the millions and millions that alcohol companies spend lobbying to keep it that way (source: a judge I encountered at a concert several years ago).

I’ve consumed my share of both substances over the years and know many many people who have consumed too much of both at one point or another. The number of people who have ruined their life with alcohol is exponentially greater than those who have ruined their life with marijuana. And the number of people who have ruined OTHER people’s lives with alcohol is…well, probably a million times greater than marijuana when you think about all the driving under the influence accidents/deaths that come as a result of alcohol.

If you think marijuana is worse for people & society than alcohol, I’d wager you’ve never smoked pot.


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