Published Date: November 5, 2013

I didn’t stay for volleyball after all the courts got converted from basketball to volleyball yesterday at the Issaquah Community Center.


Well, I seriously considered staying. But “open court” meant warm up drills with many, many very intimating people. Let’s just say the people there were slightly more serious than I was. And that’s a massive understatement. You see, I haven’t touched a volleyball in 3 or 4 years. I’m not even sure I can hit it anymore, nor do I know if I can jump high enough to spike it.

What I did know was that trying to block a spike from one of the people warming up was sure to result in a bloody, or broken, nose. Maybe a black eye.

So I headed home.

My friend stayed. I g-chatted him a few hours later, “how’d the game go?”

“I left once I saw people putting on knee pads and mouthpieces.”

The learning here? Not sure, other than I’m kind of glad I didn’t stay and end up with a black eye or broken nose.

I’ll stick to basketball or a drunk beach volleyball game.