Now, I’m not the biggest fan of ads in general. But I’m not naive. They can, and do work.

I recently read one of Ben Thompson’s post – FACEBOOK ACQUIRES ONAVO – and one part really got me thinking…

I think it’s very likely MoPub is Twitter’s AdSense:

    • Twitter has a great signal about its users: whom I follow is a great approximation for what I’m interested in. That’s even more valuable than whom I know
    • Twitter is not a great platform for any sort of display advertising; the targeting would have to be much more precise than what is possible with current technology for users to tolerate anything more than promoted tweets

MoPub solves this riddle; Twitter can serve up highly targeted ads everywhere but Twitter proper. It’s a great acquisition.

Agreed. Serving ads across the web based on specific people or brands people follow on Twitter is a great monetization strategy, and would result in very relevant ads. It would give me, as a brand, the ability to target ads to people who were following my competitors on Twitter.

And that, my friends, is as good as gold in the advertising world.

  • Twitter is a great platform for the brand publicity !!

  • twitter is great platform !