ghostI ‘ve been a WordPress user since 2006 (personal blog here). I’m not ready to switch all my sites over to a new platform, but it does feel incredibly bloated as an editor. Which is, of course, where Ghost entered the picture last yearIt was released publicly for anyone to try on Monday.

It’s promise is, “Just a Blogging Platform”.

There were over 5k backers for their Kickstarter campaign — which means there is clearly demand for a blogging platform without the baggage.

Those who know me, know I’m curious, I got to wondering where all these various early adopters of Ghost are? Based on their meetup group, it looks like London is the core community. But, how many different countries are accounted for in terms of users? Is there anyone in Bangkok? Beijing? Ghana? Chile? Seattle (where I am)?

If Ghost takes off, and early indicators seem good (it’s not easy to get 5k backers for a product that doesn’t exist), you can bet there will be a “Ghost ecosystem” of advocates, developers, trainers, and designers scattered all over the world — just as there is with WordPress. For those of you “in” that community, I imagine you want to know who else is part of the community, in your local area, no?

Enter the location aware Ghost community directory. Since I literally just created it, it is, of course, empty. Which is where you come in!

If you are using the platform already – please, join the community page and express your love for Ghost — assuming you like the product, of course! We’ll eventually give you the ability to receive email notifications when others join the community nearby, but that’s not implemented yet.

Happy connecting!

Note: To use the community page, you’ll have to sign into Oh Hey World, check-in to a city, and THEN visit the Ghost community page. We’re in the middle of pivoting our product offering, and currently working through the UI/UX/Design – we’ll end up with an intuitive flow focused on communities and not the check-in…but we’re not there yet.

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