A startup is a turbulent ride. Constant ups and downs. Stress. Sleepless nights. Lots of not knowing what the next day will have in store. Not knowing where money for next month is going to come from.

While doing consulting over the past few months – I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what the next step is for Oh Hey World. Do we double down on the current strategy revolving around sharing your location with everyone that matters, or change the messaging and experience to narrow in on a particular type of customer?

What do we really want to create with Oh Hey World?

A place for like minded people to meet. A community that gives a shit about making the world better, who happen to travel. Like anything else, making an impact doesn’t happen alone. It happens when you have a community of people who care about the same things to tap into for ideas, feedback, and support.

The other night, I watched Jeff Turner’s CRS presentation from 2012 (as a result of his recent post).

Click here to view the embedded video.

He completely and utterly understands the power of community. Like Jeff, community is what I crave in my life.

The thing is — this thinking has been sitting right there on our mission page for 6 months:

In short, we’re the travel community that gives a damn about making the world a better place — and means it.

We just need to focus completely on that one thing.

Attracting a community of travelers that give a damn about impact.

Do you?

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