Published Date: October 4, 2013

Summer Road Trip 423 UT - Crater Island - Tungsten Mill - Rusty CarMy basketball prime was 15 years ago in high school, which is, of course, a long time ago. I’ve been playing basketball a couple times a week over the past couple months.

I’m rusty, and that’s a severe understatement.

In high school, my nickname was “Money Meyers” because of my killer jump shot. Now, it’s not such a killer jump shot. In fact, it’s a pretty crappy jump shot.

Back in the day, I would burn a defender to the hole if they overcommitted trying to steal a pass on the wing. The other day, I froze, realizing I wasn’t quick enough to do that prior to the defender recovering.

I didn’t used to be winded after a few runs up and down the court. Missing layups was not a regular occurrence. Nor was getting beat to the ball on the boards by someone 4 inches shorter.

The one thing I haven’t lost? My court vision; I still see the whole court like very few do and can spot the weakness in the defense every time. That said, acting on that vision with a flawless pass to hit the right lane, at the exact right moment — is a bit off due to rust. But, hey, at least I’m aware of that weakness.

The short of it? I need lots of practice to get back to my skill level of 15 years ago.

Being rusty? Yeah, it sucks.

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