Google HelpoutsI have to admit, I think Google’s coming helpouts feature is brilliant.

Getting real time help from experts is the future of search in my mind.

There used to be not enough information online, so you had to speak with an expert to get the information you needed. Then the internet came along, and everyone started putting everything online. Now, the problem is there is too much information online and it’s a huge pain in the ass to find what you want, in a trusted environment without scouring through mounds and mounds of irrelevant crap. Helpouts will offer the chance to get help in real time from an expert specific to your search term.

This is directly going after what has been working on, and very similar to what we worked on at Startup Weekend in November (TravelAngel). I think Google’s entry into this market proves there is a market for that type of service, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Google purchased down the line. In fact, it could purchase a wide range of expert network sites to build those expert relationships quicker.

This will be a game changer in search.