I believe you can learn a lot about someone by asking one (I guess two) simple question(s).

Who Are Your Best Friends, and How Long Have you Known Them?

Sure, every now and then you find an amazing new friend and become BFFs overnight — but that’s not normal, and even those relationships take time. What I’m getting at (for those near my age – 31) is whether your best friends have been friends for 1 year or 10-15? Do you cycle through friend groups constantly (shiny object syndrome), or spend the time and effort it takes to keep in touch with past friends regardless of where you & they live and your relationship status? Have you had falling outs with any of your now former best friends? Why?

Best friends are the greatest thing on the planet. I’m extremely fortunate to have a tight knit friend group of about 10 that started in 2001 and 2002, got really strong around 2005 right after college, and remains in touch regularly today. Outside of that, there are another 4-5 people in totally different friend circles that have remained close through thick and thin — one since 4th grade (we grew up 2 doors apart).

Who are your best friends, and how long have you known them?