The fact that people get social media envy, and feel bad as a result, shouldn’t surprise anyone. That’s the whole premise of Facebook and Twitter. Get as many people as possible, sharing as much information as possible, with as many others as possible. I view it as a huge massive time suck. The premise of Path – that there are a limited number of people that you can have meaningful relationships with – is the right one. The problem, in my mind, is how you convince enough people of that premise to make it a business. After all, if there is a limited number of people – people can just interact with those people via email, text and phone. They majority don’t see enough value in a great social platform to change their habits.

Back to social media envy – I’ve stopped sharing a lot of content online over the last year or so for that precise reason. Sure, some of the people who I genuinely want to share moments with see it. But a huge chunk of people that don’t care are forced to see my content as a result.