Published Date: June 27, 2013


Vittana has a new CEO. Robin Wolaner. Here’s the email that got sent out to the Vittana mailing list this morning:

What a few months! 10,000 students, two new countries, and today we’re moving into new offices as I write this – Vittana is racing forward, but there’s something even more special –

A new CEO! We set out to look for a unicorn and, guess what? We found her. Her name is Robin. After looking at hundreds of candidates, dozens of interviews, and many (many!) hours together, I¹m really excited to announce today that Robin Wolaner is taking the helm of Vittana.

robin-james-taylorWhy Robin? Well, let me tell you. She is a veteran executive, bringing both her non-profit heart and business brain to bear on fighting youth poverty. She’s the founder of Parenting Magazine, former CEO of Sunset Publishing and executive VP of CNET. Most recently, she’s been a business author, startup advisor and board director.

But she’s been itching to get back into the fight. But not just any fight – a real fight, a fight that could make a difference, a fight that matters. In Vittana, Robin found a non-profit that thinks different – a business-minded organization, one that understands scale and sustainability, one that measures its impact like shareholders measure profit.

And in Robin, Vittana found that unicorn: an executive who embodies hard-headed idealism, one who’s willing to sacrifice to make a difference, and one who knows what it takes to go from startup to sustainability. And in each other, Robin and I have found an exciting partnership. As one of our donors put it recently, “You guys are like yin and yang… I just don’t know which is which.” She challenges me to think process and deadlines, I challenge her to imagine even bigger and help her learn about micro finance and global poverty. We’re very excited to work together and help Vittana reach the stage it deserves.

Please join me in welcoming Robin to the Vittana family! The whole board and I are very excited to have her on board. I hope the whole Vittana family will show her the same enthusiasm and support it has shown me. Here’s to creating something big, meaningful and lasting – something that’ll be bigger than all of us.

Kushal Chakrabarti

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