Connected-worldI’m a fan of connected life. I really am. I like the fact that I have near instant access to updates from hundreds upon hundres of people on Facebook. And thousands, millions on Twitter.

A connected world is a better world.

But, the real question is how connected is too connected? Why do we have to “disconnect” so often to get away from it all?

That’s simple – we spend all day, everyday bombarded with real time information from thousands. Many of whom are not close friends, nor are they even friends at all.

We choose texting over phone conversations. Even when sitting at the same table, we often stare at our respective smart phones rather than enjoying conversation.

The premise of Path — is absolutely spot on. I do genuinely want a more intimate environment, with fewer interactions and better friends. But none of my close close friends are on Path, so it’s useless to me (I don’t think I’ve open it in at least 6 months).

And the older we get (I’m now 30 & have spoken to many many people 40+ about this issue) — the more we want to spend our time with close friends. So, theoretically, Path should be better for an older audience.

Yet, day in, day out – we all suffer from the firehose of information via Facebook and Twitter. We can’t bear to pull ourselves totally away for fear of missing out (FOMO) on something great. Fear of being out of the loop.

Yet the largest problem — is that too many lack something else fulfilling to pass the time. Certainly, it’s not an easy problem to tackle given the enormity of helping people find passion.

But that’s a problem worth solving if we’re serious about moving this world forward.

Is your world less, more, or just as connected as you want it to be?