startup_learningsWe’ve built a lot of product at Oh Hey World over the past few months — every now and then, taking a step back from the daily grind is needed to gain new perspective on the opportunities we’re chasing.

What did I do?

I watched the whole entire PandoDaily interview with John Doerr.Ā I also watched the recent Bill Gates segment on 60 Minutes (which Doerr mentioned in his interview). I sat and stared out the window in deep thought. And I drank…water, not alcohol.

If you’re wondering if what they say is true — that very very few startups capture lightning in a bottle & explode onto the scene — I’ll have to say yes. We’re uncovering all kinds of interesting product angles, user scenarios, and business opportunities — but haven’t quite figured out the exact right approach that will catapult Oh Hey World over the hump.

What do you do to get your head out of the weeds of your tech startup?