The greatest NFL running back of the 1990’s is….

Barry Sanders.

Let’s be really freaking honest. Barry Sanders was a better runner than Emmitt Smith. Hands down, not even a question. Sure, he was my favorite player (as I alluded to here), but his amazing numbers are unquestionable – and he had a horrible, horrible offensive line and no passing game the majority (all?) of his career. Honestly, Emmitt Smith had the most amazing offensive line the league has seen in the last 30 years. Frankly, I’ve never seen a bigger, more dominant line than the Cowboys’ line of the 1990’s – Stepnoski, Newton, Erik Williams, Larry Allen, and Mark Tuinei. He had Aikman, Irvin, and Harper. Barry had….crickets.

Barry or Emmitt? Look at the numbers, and their respective surrounding casts.

Seriously, why is it even a discussion?