FacebookTravelI’ve heard multiple people (such as this one) say that the Facebook of travel…is, well, Facebook.

Let’s get one thing straight. That’s false.

And here’s why.

  1. Facebook is known for connecting and talking with people you already know. Nothing more. Google is known for search (and Gmail) — and that took them 15 years.
  2. When it comes to massive verticals such as travel, I believe there will be (or already is) a clear cut leader in each major vertical. The way to win a vertical? Be obsessed with creating the most amazing product/experience possible. From my experience, no one cares more about a product than it’s founders. That passion is irreplaceable in an organization. This goes along with Steve Jobs’ thoughts about why those without passion fail (they are “sane”). The people that succeed, are largely the ones doing it for reasons other than financial gain. In a battle between someone who is a hired gun versus a founder – even if the hired gun is far better financed – I’m going to bet on the founder every time. Zuckerberg can only be truly obsessed with one thing – and he’s shown that thing is making the world more connected.

So, who is going to be the Facebook of travel? No one knows, but my bet is — it’s going to be anyone other than Facebook.

[Graphic via http://mediaframe.blogspot.com/]