In a little spring cleaning over Easter weekend, I came across a little keepsake from the 6th grade; a self reflection written for school at the age of twelve. I haven’t seen this piece of paper since, well, high school probably? I knew if I didn’t put it online, it would just go back into a box and not seen again for another ten plus years…so I digitized it 🙂

Drew Meyers

Me as a twelve year old

Personal Information – Drew Meyers

My name is Thomas Andrew Meyers, but I like to go by Drew. I’m twelve years old and I’m five feet three and a half inches tall.

I like to play basketball and baseball. I like to swim, bike ride, and working on the computer. I collect sports cards and have over fifteen thousand cards. My favorite players are: Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman, and Shawn Kemp.

I have two cats. Their names are OJ and KC. I also have a dog whose name is Daisy. I have one sister whose name is Jamie. My mom and dad are divorced. My Mom’s name is Annette and my dad’s name is Jim. I go to my dad’s house every other weekend. My dad has four brothers and one sister and my mom has two brothers.

I’m special because I am well rounded in both school and sports. My favorite subjects in school are Math and Social Studies. My favorite sport is basketball. The person I admire most is Michael Jordan because he is a great basketball player.

A goal I have it to be a professional basketball player! I also have a goal to graduate college. If I do play professional basketball and I make a lot of money, I will donate a lot of it to charities.

Scanned copy

Reading this, a few things stood out to me…

“I’m five feet three and a half inches tall” – funny that I had to put the half inch in there. As if another half inch matters, but I guess, at the age of twelve, it does.

Michael Jordan is still one of the people I admire most (see this and this).

I still consider my well roundedness as one of my greatest strengths. And clearly I need to play more basketball.

Finally, the last sentence? Made me smile, because I knew my life values at the age of twelve and am true to them 18 years later.

Do any of you have a self reflection from your childhood? What does it say?